Here’s what the growing film industry could mean for property demand in Reading’s RG2

Here’s what the growing film industry could mean for property demand in Reading’s RG2
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The film industry is a huge market with great economic impacts. According to various
researches, the appetite for consuming film content is set to continue growing especially in
the wake of increased digital streaming platforms like Amazon and Netflix. With the growth
of this lucrative industry in RG2, the community is set to gain in terms of infrastructure
development and plenty of job opportunities. Recently, filmmakers have been leasing private
real estate properties to shoot their films. Netflix pioneered in year-long leasing of private
property for shooting their films and this made more producers adopt the trend.

Films and movies such as Home alone, Before midnight, Nightmare on Elm Street, and the
Godfather, just to mention a few, have one thing in common; they all rented businesses and
houses for filming. Traditionally it has been the trend of most film producers to create films
on soundstages. However, the competition has driven the industry’s filmmakers to
incorporate real location in their films to enhance the authenticity of the films to appeal to
more viewers. The locations with the highest demand are private homes because in every film
the characters have to live in a home.

Shinfield, in Reading, is set to benefit from 18 permanent stages being built for shooting
movies, sitcoms, music videos, live production amongst everything else. The income
generated from this venture is very lucrative.

The local economy is also set to gain in the process as the crew usually shop, travel, eat and
rent hotels around the community. For instance, the demand for short-term air BnB-style
accommodation and hotels will increase as more contractors move into the RG2 area. With these
projections in mind, any serious investor or property business must strategize ahead to take
advantage of a short period of opportunity to invest in property locally.

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