7 Reasons why Reading beats London for events this Summer

7 Reasons why Reading beats London for events this Summer
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After a difficult year, the UK is rapidly approaching ease in lockdown restrictions, which coincides beautifully with the beginning of Summer and we all know what that means; pub gardens, BBQs, parties, and of course, and events!

The capital is rife with different kinds of events from street entertainment to the outside theatre to Western-themed bars, but with those come compromises that you wouldn’t have to make elsewhere. For instance, Reading is Berkshire’s biggest town. As well as being home to one of the UK’s most polarising musical festivals, it also promises something for everyone; from secret cocktail caverns to traditional boozers and VIP party palaces. Let’s take a look at 7 reasons to consider Reading as your main destination this Summer;

First off, let’s cover the most obvious factor; price. Much like most capitals, London loves money. It’s highly
unlikely you’ll be getting a drink in London at keen prices. Whilst alcohol prices are high throughout the UK
these days, the capital will of course be higher than the home counties.

Safety these days is paramount to most. Whether your safety concern is crime or the recent pandemic, the capital and the crowds it brings with it, will of course pose the biggest threat when it comes to that feeling of safety. Smaller counties outside of London will provide more open areas and less crowds for that increased feeling of taking less risks.

Airport accessibility is a key when your guests are flying in from other countries. Not having to worry about huge taxi fares or lengthy train trips after the initial flight is a godsend especially when there are children involved. You could always pop out for a day trip London via the train links if you really fancy it.

Lets not pretend that ambience isn’t a huge factor. Of course, London has a wonderful cityscape, in fact it’s up there with the very best the world has to offer. However, on a bad day London really can be smoggy, congested, dark, cold and dingy. Compared to a more rural and countryside setting, there really is no comparison in the Summer especially.

There’s a lot to be said for city living, but nothing quite beats the clean country air and that goes for outside experiences too. Standing in a street or crammed into a tight venue isn’t as appealing as being out in the open countryside watching your favorite band or tucking into a good hog roast.

If you’re a beer lover, being outside the city affords the opportunity to try something other than the generic Brewdog and Camden Hells options you see in most London pubs. Beers and ales from independent breweries up and down the country often appear in smaller events in the home counties such as the ever popular Titanic brewery in Stoke‐On‐Trent and Rebellion Brewery in Marlow.

Reading festival anyone? It’s one of the world’s most popular music festivals today. It’s had various musical phases over the years, but since the current two‐site format was adopted in 1999, rock, alternative, indie, punk, rap and metal have been the main genres featured in the line‐up.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about what’s happening in Reading over the summer, and of course, if you want to talk property we would love to be connected with you. Get in touch.

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